Gabriel Vorbon

Gabriel Vorbon (b. 1991, Turkey) is a photographer artist, based in Istanbul and Barcelona. With a degree from Istanbul Technical University, in Interior Architecture, Gabriel graduated also from Barcelona’s prestigious Escola Superior De Disseny i D’Arts Plastiques Academy, in Interior Design.  Deeply interested in the visual arts, Gabriel began his artistic career during his photography assistantship, amid his academic education. His photographic wok collides at the intersection between fine art, architectural design and a modelling experience. Through a mixed-media symbiosis of geometrical forms and body movements, a delicate and harmonious spirit permeates his images. Although posed, Gabriel Vorbon is able to capture his subjects within a candid atmosphere of real moments in time. His portraits invite the viewer to navigate through narratives of beauty and the authentic. 

Having exhibited in the most highly regarded gallery spaces throughout Istanbul, Vorbon’s works have also been published in numerous magazines such as Onfilm Magazine (2015),  Art Play Magazine (2019) and F Word Magazine (2020). This emerging artist is far from emerging, Gabriel Vorbon’s multidisciplinary qualities make his photographic works a great addition to any contemporary photography collection.



(2022) One Enemy, Mariana Custodio Art Gallery. Metaverse
(2022) Pause (Sati & Kaan), CubisArt. Bursa, Turkey
(2022) 10. Yıl Sergisi, GaleriBu. Istanbul, Turkey
(2021) Contemporary Istanbul, Mariana Custodio Art Gallery. Istanbul, Turkey
(2021) All In One 02, GaleriBu. Istanbul, Turkey
(2021) Section G-G’ , Setup. Istanbul, Turkey
(2021) Art50 Hotlist (Objects For The Body), Art-Z Gallery. Izmir, Turkey
(2021) A1-108, (Kaan & Far From Tulip Era), GaleriBu. Istanbul, Turkey
(2020) Kaan & Far From Tulip Era, Step Istanbul. Istanbul, Turkey
(2020) Insan Boşluğu Boşluk İnsanı Şekillendirir, (Objects For the Body), Han Spaces. Istanbul, Turkey
(2020) Summer Selection, (Objects For the Body), FAAR Art & Design Gallery. Istanbul,Turkey
(2020) Onbir (Objects For the Body), Masterpiece Gallery. Istanbul, Turkey
(2019) Objects For the Body, Mamut Art Project. Istanbul, Turkey
(2019) Objects For the Body, Rem Art Gallery. Istanbul, Turkey
(2017) The New Normal (Performance), Supa Suriye Pasajı Salon. Istanbul, Turkey


Selected Publications 

2022 GQ Turkey, (La Ciutat), Istanbul/Turkey
2022 Fucking Young Magazine, (Teen Angst), Barcelona/Spain
2022 Vanity Teen Magazine, (Tim), New York/USA
2022 Fucking Young Magazine, (One Enemy), Barcelona/Spain
2022 Rey Magazine, (Roman), Athens/Greece 
2022 The Flow House Magazine, (Born In July), Paris/France
2022 Calle 52 Magazine, (Things), Madrid/Spain
2022 Impulse Magazine, (Far Enough To Leave), CDMX/Mexico
2022 Slippage Magazine, (Sanders), New York/USA
2022 Metal Head Magazine, (Sant Boi), Munich/Germany
2022 Pap Magazine, (Like Any Ending), Milan/Italy
2022 Fucking Young Magazine, (What Are You Doing Samuel), Barcelona/Spain
2022 MMSCENE, (If There Is A Will), Belgrade/Serbia
2022 The Flow House Magazine, (35C), Paris/France
2021 Fucking Young Magazine, (Feliz Vučina), Barcelona/Spain
2021 The Pink Prince Magazine, (Stoskovic), London/England

2020 Sicky Magazine, (Ciel Ese A Toi), Madrid/Spain

2020 Fword Magazine, (Supportraits), New York/USA

2020 Slippage Magazine, (Alloy), New York/USA

2019 Based Istanbul Magazine, (Poles Apart), Istanbul/Turkey
2019 The Pink Prince Magazine, (Suspect Seeker), London/England
2019 Art Play Magazine, (I’d Make It Mine, If I Had Time), Paris/France

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