Killa Was Here

Killa Was Here (b. 1997, Porto) is a Portuguese  young talent on the rising who combines a degree in Business Studies from Porto Catholic University with an intrinsic and acute artistic sensibility. As the great contemporary masters, such as Damien Hirst, Takashi Murakami and Jeff Koons, Killa is not only an artist but also a business strategist. Inspired by these leading figures, his artistic pursues transverse across a wide range of different mediums, creating colour-intensive and expressive compositions in close association with today’s iconography of mass culture.

Focusing on themes of life, love and death, Killa embraces each piece with thoughtful planning, technical experimentation and material eclecticism. Across boarders Killa’s trademark artistic pieces are already high in demand, increasingly attracting a sizeable amount of attention and acclamation mainly due to the artist’s symbiotic ability of representing his own experiences through his works.

Selected Exhibitions

(2022) Mariana Custodio Gallery – Collective Exhibition “So Far, Yet So Close” | London – United  Kingdom
(2022) “Local Goes Global” – Collective Exhibition | London –United  Kingdom

(2021) “Local Goes Global” – Collective exhibition | Paris – France
(2021) “Local Goes Global” – Collective exhibition | London –United  Kingdom                                                                                  

(2021) “Woken Dreams” – Solo exhibition at Alfândega do Porto | Porto – Portugal 

(2021) “Porto Now” collective exhibition at Wrong Weather | Porto – Portugal

(2019) “Lust meets Love” – Solo Exhibition – Espaço Zero Hotel | Porto – Portugal

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