About Us

Mariana Custodio is a global firm that fills a significant need in today’s art market for a client oriented combination of deep market knowledge, financial sophistication, and discretion. Catering to wide range of clientele, we provide a comprehensive range of services from private individual collectors to established institutions.


Founder | Art Advisor

Mariana Custodio is an art consultancy practice based in London, Istanbul and Lisbon.
We specialise in procuring, commissioning and curating works of art for corporate, public and private spaces. With almost a decade of experience in the art world we work with a wide network of artists, galleries and auction houses.

At Mariana Custodio we believe contemporary art can inspire individuals and transform the spaces we inhabit. We work with architects, designers, public and private bodies, alongside whom we help to shape environments that stimulate and support creativity.

Mariana was born in 1993 in Portugal and has always been very passionate about the Arts. She followed her passion and went to study at London College of Contemporary Arts and Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London. After graduating, she’s been working in galleries where she’s acquired a deep knowledge about the industry. Furthermore, she’s experienced in working in the Fashion Industry and managing PR. Over the years, Mariana managed to build a strong network in the Art and Fashion Industry internationally. 

In 2019, Mariana launched her own online gallery in order to show the talent that she believes in.

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