Miguel Rodrigues: A Hyperbaroque Journey

42 MASLAK – Maslak, Ahi Evran Cd. No:6, 34485 Sarıyer / İstanbul, Türkiye


Portuguese Artist Miguel Rodrigues Presents an Exquisite Exhibition in 42 Maslak Showcasing Portuguese Heritage in Turkey.

Miguel Rodrigues, in collaboration with 42 Maslak, Art Full Living, Mariana Custodio Art Gallery and AWC Dubai Art Gallery is set to captivate art enthusiasts with his new exhibition in Istanbul. The exhibition, titled “Miguel Rodrigues: A Hyperbaroque Journey,” will take place at Maslak 42 Istanbul, from June 8 to September 20, 2023. Miguel Rodrigues, who’s celebrated for his distinct and visionary Hyperbaroque style, brings an artistic experience that transcends time and place. Through his masterful golden sculptures and intricate details, Rodrigues has gained international acclaim for his ability to fuse traditional Portuguese aesthetics with a contemporary twist. His mesmerizing artworks offer an exploration of cultural heritage, reimagining the rich legacy of Portugal within the Turkish context.

“Miguel Rodrigues: A Hyperbaroque Journey” seeks to bridge the traditions of Portugal and Turkey, offering a unique perspective on cultural interconnectedness. By blending the baroque elements of his Portuguese roots with the inspiration that the artist took from Turkish history, Rodrigues aims to create a visual dialogue that transcends borders and highlights the shared heritage of these diverse cultures.

Mariana Custodio Art Gallery and AWC Dubai Art Gallery are renowned institutions dedicated to promoting contemporary art from around the world. They have joined forces with 42 Maslak and Art Full Living to bring Miguel Rodrigues’ masterpieces to Istanbul. This collaboration represents an effort to foster cultural exchange and celebrate Miguel Rodrigues’ achievements in Turkey.

The exhibition will officially open its doors to the public on June 8, 2023, and will run until September 20, 2023. Art enthusiasts, collectors, and all those with an appreciation for the beauty of cross-cultural artistic expression are cordially invited to witness the magnificence of “Miguel Rodrigues: A Hyperbaroque Journey” at 42 Maslak Istanbul.


 Miguel Rodrigue’s work employs the baroque period and its history as an object of reflection, arriving at what he calls ‘The Hyperbaroque’. His artworks are theatrical, inspired by the hyper-realities of society, the market and propaganda. Miguel’s work uses the colour gold, reinforcing the idea that being gold plated, creates an instant understanding of luxury and power; hereby playing with our perceptions of value and beauty. Pulling us by one arm into his dream land, and by the other to a far more familiar vue of reality. Miguel studied Sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts, in Lisbon. He now shows his works throughout Portugal, across Europe and more recently in Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. Miguel is currently working and living in Lisbon.

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