Eliz Gündüz

Eliz Gündüz, a visionary artist born in Antalya in 2001, is a rising star in the world of abstract expressionism. Her artistic journey is an enchanting exploration of the intricate interplay between forms, lines, and a mesmerizing array of colors, all of which she masterfully weaves together to convey the profound depths of her thoughts and unique aesthetic sensibilities. Drawing inspiration from the world that surrounds her, Gündüz’s work is a testament to her keen observation of nature’s intricate movements, harmonies, and inherent contradictions. She believes that this deep observation is an indelible part of her artistic evolution, an ever-flowing wellspring of creativity that informs her every brushstroke. A recent graduate of Industrial Design from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Marmara University, Gündüz’s abstract expressionist style is a captivating journey into the depths of her consciousness, a vibrant tapestry of emotions, and a testament to her unwavering commitment to the exploration of beauty in all its diverse forms. Her art invites viewers to embark on their own introspective journey through the rich tapestry of color, form, and emotion she so brilliantly creates in each artwork.

Selected Exhibitions

(2023) Theory of Bloom – Büyükdere35 Contemporary Art Gallery — Istanbul, Turkey

(2023) Another Saying – Han Exhibitions — Istanbul, Turkey (2023) Art Ankara Contemporary Art Fair — Ankara, Turkey

(2022) ArtWeeks Akaretler 7th edition — Istanbul, Turkey

(2019) Pop-up show – Büyükdere35  — Istanbul, Turkey

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