Struck By Their Figures

MAD MARVILA – Rua Fernando Palha 1, 1950 – 131, Lisbon, Portugal 

9 MAY – 30 MAY |  MONDAY – SATURDAY | 10AM – 6PM

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In partnership with  Marvilla Art District, Mariana Custodio Gallery is pleased to announce João Teixeira’s Solo Exhibition Struck by Their Figures. Comprising portraits and detailed-figurative pieces, Struck by their Figures deals primarily with the exploration of the human presence. In medium and context, features and colours oscillate on a boundary between the representational and the haze of a dream-like state. Broad swathes of intense colour are used to enhance the human subject, pulling the viewer into these vivid, expressive and yet congealed auras of corporeality and inwardness. Struck by their Figures ultimately aligns with João Teixeira’s artistic pursue of putting the human subject at the centre of his reflection; creating equally congenial, intimate and uncut depictions of permanence.


João Teixeira (b. 1982, Coimbra, Portugal) is a self-taught artist, whose paintings are rendered through a figurative and expressionist approach to the human subject. With a degree in the health field, since childhood that João has exhibited a deep interest in drawing and painting. Having decided to pursue his artistic inclinations, João initiated his creative process by making realistic portraits. Further progressing into expressionism, he began to experiment with oil paint, which he has mastered ever since. In his artwork, João combines the real and the imagined into conspicuous and whimsical depictions of corporeality, creating a memorable experience to any viewer.

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