Seçil Erel (b. Istanbul, based in London) got her BA and MA degree at the prestigious Mimar Sinan Fine Art University and have been exhibiting in a numerous of group and solos exhibitions across Turkey, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, UK and USA. Seçil has also been an artist in residence in Turkey, Switzerland, Moldava, Germany and London.

Growing up in a multicultural city as Istanbul, Seçil has soon developed a high sensibility to pluralist visions and a strong ambition to further expand her horizons. After extensively traveling, in 2017, the artist decided to move to London and soon after opening an art studio, she notoriously received a scholarship from the London Creative Network. In 2021, Seçil was invited for the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition, with her remarkable work Universal Fragments; Brightness.

For Seçil, being a contemporary artist means attentively observing and enticingly processing the world’s plentifulness into abstract relationships of time and space. The masterly saturation of her canvases, with vibrant colours and texturised layers renders to Seçil’s interiority, a richness of thought and emotion pertaining to intense and invaluable experiences. Her motto is for her work to be widely influential.

Selected Exhibitions & Residencies:

2001 “The End”, Studio Space, Istanbul, Turkey

2002 “Taste”, Is Bank Parmakkapı Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2005 “Young Expansion” in Contemporary Turkish Art, Pera Museum, Istanbul, Turkey

2005 “Multicultural Identity: Cultural Heritage, Art, Image”, Ankara & Eskisehir, Turkey

2009 “Lonely Moment”, Mithat Paşa Art Gallery, Ziraat Bank, Ankara, Turkey

2010 “Exhibition of the Century”, Collection of T.C. Ziraat Bank, Cer Modern, Ankara, Turkey

2013 “ODTU Art 14”, ODTU, Ankara, Turkey

2012 Art Platform, Los Angeles, Gallery Zilberman, Los Angeles, USA

2014 “A Gift For Nazım”, Nazım Hikmet Culture Center, Istanbul, Turkey

2015 “Nothing Exceptional”, Gallery Konrad Moenter, Dusseldorf, Germany

2015 Trelex Art Residency Open Studio and Exhibition, Geneva, Switzerland

2016 “Multiples”, Kuad Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2017 “Artificial Nature” with Coskun Demirok, Schloss Neersen Gallery, Düsseldorf, Germany

2017 “Imago Mundi”, Mediterranean Route, Palermo, Italy

2017 “Artificial Nature” with Coskun Demirok, Schloss Neersen Gallery, Düsseldorf, Germany

2017 Interstices, Art Else Where, Stour Space Gallery, London, United Kingdom

2017 ” Possibilities”, Work at the Yard, New York, USA

2018 Less is Bore, Artnivo, Istanbul, Turkey

2018 Collection, Arab British Chamber of Commerce, London, United Kingdom

2020 Abstract Art, Rise Art, Venue, London, United Kingdom

2021 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London, United Kingdom

2021 Satellites, Rise Art, London, United Kingdom

2021 Non Prescription II, Ekav Art gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2022 Habitat, Contemporary Six, Manchester, United Kingdom

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