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August 20, 2020

Are Art Prints Worth Anything?

Art prints are thought of as mass-produced copies of artworks. Therefore this isn’t always the case. There is much...
August 18, 2020

Contemporary art vs. Modern art: 12 differences that matter

In today’s article, we are going to deal with the distinction between modern and contemporary art, as it is...
August 4, 2020

Are art gallery prices negotiable : The art of bargaining

When it comes to art pieces in art galleries, there’s the official price. And then there’s the price most...
July 8, 2020

Street art vs. vandalism and how to tell the difference

As an art lover, you can be a graffiti lover. Therefore, sometimes you might wonder how to tell the...

Jean-David Malat the humble curator of the stars

Jean-David Malat doesn’t need any introduction. With one of the best contemporary art galleries in London and famous clients as...

Shipping Art Internationally

What you need to know to ship (export) artwork internationally for exhibition and/or sale ​
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